Wednesday, February 22, 2012

McKormick Just got the Boot

Ran out of my organic cinnamon this morning and reached for an old McCormick backup. I caught myself and put it down. Went to the pantry and took a look around. I have lots of those backups from when I started changing my pantry over to organic. I kept them because I could not justify wasting them.

The McCormick stuff is now in my compost pile. I hope Mother Earth can do a better job breaking down the components in the soil than I could ever do in my intestines.

Today I feel justified throwing products that are not certified organic, OUT. How else will we make room for better practices?


  1. can you clarify if "certified organic" always means no gmo's

    1. Hi there Cornucopiandad,
      Great question, pleasure to connect with you!

      In the US and Canada, 100% Certified Organic strictly excludes intentional use of GMOs. Where it gets sticky is when there are GMO farms nearby. Sometimes the pollen from the GMO farm gets into the crops of an organic farm nearby. It makes sense when you think of the way nature works. We can't necessarily halt Mother Nature from doing her thing as long as there is some life left in the old girl ;} She's going give back what we give. So, in my opinion, the less reason we give for GMO farms to exist, the better for the larger picture. Best thing for us to do is do get informed, do our best to lessen our GMO food consumption as our wallets will allow, try to get organic heirloom seeds and grown your own edible plants, and support your local organic farm.